Watch ‘Looper’ as a ’90s Disney Movie Starring a Young Joseph Gordon-Levitt


In the wake of Looper’s widespread critical acclaim (don’t miss Flavorwire film editor Jason Bailey’s rave review) and weekend box-office success, the clever editors at Screen Junkies have taken its time-travel plot even further. Their new video, “Disney’s Looper (1994 Trailer)” mashes up scenes from Angels in the Outfield (which featured a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt) with clips from Bruce Willis’ Disney time-travel movie The Kid to imagine what Looper might have looked like if its protagonist were much younger. The result is a wholesome family comedy that finds “Joe the Kid” (Levitt) and “Joe the Man” (Willis) teaming up to learn that “sometimes your best friend turns out to be you… from the future.” Watch the alternate-universe feel-good movie of 1994 below.

[via Cinema Blend]