Exclusive Supercut: “30 Rock’s” Darkest Kenneth Moments


Who is Kenneth Parcell? Six years later, we still have no idea. Sure he sees in Muppet vision and always writes in votes for God, but this man has a secret dark side, far darker than we may ever know. Is he immortal? Is that a wig? What happened in that hotel room at the 2008 Summer Olympics? And how does Doris even pay rent? So many questions, and with only 13 episodes this final season, not enough time to find answers. Perhaps some revelations will come through when we finally meet his mom’s “friend” Ron; we actually don’t know much about the man, except that he seems to have caused Kenneth a great deal of psychological damage, but we feel confident the incredibly versatile Bryan Cranston was a wise casting choice. In the meantime, you can catch up on Kenneth’s most dubious moments below, and of course don’t forget to catch the whole gang’s return tonight at 8:00pm ET on NBC for, sigh, the beginning of the end.