Watch Christopher Walken Cook With Richard Belzer


Christopher Walken’s flair for cooking has already been well documented. Back in 2000, he cooked a beautiful meal for an Observer reporter, and last year a lo-fi video circulated of the enigmatic actor making roast chicken with pears. But the best cultural product of his culinary expertise to date is a new Funny or Die clip called “Cooking with Christopher Walken” (which, hilariously enough, shares its name with an Australian TV comedy sketch from several years back). The six-minute video finds the equally badass Richard Belzer joining Walken at his Westport, CT home for dinner. With the help of two willowy blondes in tight, black dresses, the actors shop at eccentric local grocery store Stew Leonard’s, cook another chicken with pears, lament Citizen Kane‘s fall from the #1 spot on the BFI critics poll, and ogle a cellphone photo of a fan’s Walken tattoo. Click through to watch the thoroughly wonderful video.

[via Pop Culture Brain]