Watch a ‘Parks and Rec’ Supercut of Chris Traeger’s Relentless Positivity


Parks and Recreation’s Chris Traeger isn’t just a sunny optimist — he’s a guy whose entire worldview revolves around deflecting negative energy. As a man who was born with a rare blood disorder but believes he’ll live to be 150, Chris has to build his entire life around health. He exercises constantly, exclusively eats food whose very existence makes Ron Swanson angry, and practices the power of positive thinking. But recently, his exuberance seems to be reaching its limit. After Jerry’s daughter Millie dumps Chris, he seems depressed by Ann’s relationship with Tom, and last week we saw him have a full-on breakdown mid-run over his loneliness. So, with a visit to the therapist on the agenda, NBC has pulled together a supercut of Chris’ relentless positivity. It’s “lit’rally” delightful.

[via TVLine]