Watch the First Teaser for ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’


If Live Free and Die Hard left you calling for a permanent moratorium on all things John McClane, then you’re definitely not alone. But perhaps you’ll reconsider your position after watching the newly-released teaser for the fifth installment in the Die Hard franchise, which, as much as we didn’t want to like it, looks to be a good bit of fun. Sure, Bruce Willis is slightly haggard for an action hero these days, but he still knows how to deliver a quotable one-liner (“The 007 of Plainfield New Jersey”). Plus, if it’s eye candy that you’re craving, Spartacus star Jai Courtney plays his son Jack, who according to the press release, “may even be more of a hardass than his father.” Yippee-ki-yay, motherf*cker! Click through for your first look at A Good Day To Die Hard, and let us know in the comments if you think it’s worth checking out.