Watch the Trailer for ‘Sopranos’ Creator David Chase’s ‘Not Fade Away’


Does the world need another movie about teenage boys from the suburbs who start a rock ‘n’ roll band just as Beatlemania is starting to take hold? Probably not, but since the movie in question is also the feature film directorial debut of Sopranos creator David Chase, we’ll take it. His first project to see the light of day since since that show ended in 2007, Not Fade Away finds him returning to New Jersey and reuniting with James Gandolfini, who plays a rigid ’60s dad who seemingly embodies the generation gap. Fans of Chase will recognize his touch in the vivid, detailed visuals — but the guys’ exuberant, idealistic energy adds an extra jolt of revolutionary youthfulness. As reticent as we are to indulge Boomer nostalgia, this might just make our must-see list. Watch the first trailer for Not Fade Away, which opens December 21st, below.

[via Collider]