Lose Yourself in Neil Young’s Gorgeous 17-Minute ‘Ramada Inn’ Video


Tons of bands record the occasional song in excess of 15 minutes, but most of them don’t pick that track to make into a music video. Thankfully, Neil Young can do whatever he wants, so he’s made a beautiful, sprawling clip for “Ramada Inn,” a 17-minute cut from his forthcoming Crazy Horse album Psychedelic Pill. It opens with the very literal image of a psychedelic pill before cutting to a collage of washed-out mid-century archival footage — including the kind of open-road shots that are the approximate visual equivalent of a Neil Young and Crazy Horse song. Since the video is set up as a mind-altering experience, there are also a few beautiful passages where the natural imagery turns kaleidoscopic. You can’t (or at least probably shouldn’t) get high at work, so do the next best thing and lose yourself in “Ramada Inn” below.

[via Stereogum]