Uh-Oh: Louis CK Taking Extended ‘Louie’ Hiatus


In the wake of Louie‘s strangest and most thought-provoking (not to mention debate-provoking) seasons ever, we think we speak for all the show’s fans in saying we want more. Now. Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen that way. FX has announced that Louis CK is taking an extended hiatus from the show, meaning that we won’t see Louie Season 4 until sometime in 2014.

In a conference call with reporters today, the comedian — who basically makes the entire show himself — explained that his first three seasons felt like a trilogy and that he wants to do something completely different when it returns. “I want season four to go somewhere new… I’m looking back to when I did the first season and the time I took to do the show and decide which directions to go in and I want that back again,” he said. “I want a little breathing room.” Since he won’t begin shooting until next fall, CK will have some extra time to write Season 4, work on his stand-up act, and see more of his two daughters. OK, so, it’s still going to be hard to wait until 2014 for more Louie, but we can’t argue with lofty artistic ambitions and adorable children.