Megan Mullally Returning to ‘Parks and Rec’


Tammy is back! Megan Mullally will reprise her role as the second ex-wife of Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson in the ninth episode of this season’s Parks and Rec, “Ron and Diane.” AV Club reported that the former Will & Grace star will be stirring up trouble for Ron who recently started a “thing” with Pawnee’s Diane, played by Lucy Lawless. We’re always happy to see real-life couple Offerman and Mullally together on the small screen, and the Ron relationship episodes are a welcome addition. Mullally joins other previously reported guest stars like Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks and character actress Glenn Headly. They play Ben’s parents. Do you see a fight breaking out between Tammy 2 and Diane? Will Ron’s new girl channel her warrior princess days to win him once and for all?