Watch Morrissey’s Epic ‘Colbert Report’ Appearance


It was a meeting of the Stephens (or rather, a Stephen and a Steven) on The Colbert Report last night, when the show welcomed Morrissey on the eve of his much-anticipated Radio City Music Hall concert. The crankiest — and yet, sometimes, most wonderful — man in rock took issue with Colbert calling him a “living legend” (Morrissey defines “legend” as “something that might be true or might be false”), smack-talked the Queen of England, and explained his “militant” anti-meat stance (“If you stick your grandmother in an oven, she will probably be tasty. But is that any reason to eat your grandmother?”). “Not everybody is a fat old slag” was his reply to Colbert’s hilariously fannish interrogation about that Smiths reunion that’s never going to happen. Morrissey even found time to play “People Are the Same Everywhere.” Watch the interview and performance below.

[via Consequence of Sound]