Watch Nick Offerman Perform a Hilarious Love Song for Megan Mullally


Now that their Parks and Recreation cast mate Amy Poehler has called it quits with Will Arnett, it’s up to Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally to keep us in comedy power couple adorableness. Thankfully, that’s something they do quite well. It’s the rare Offerman interview that doesn’t include the actor rhapsodizing over his wife’s beauty, talent, and poise. And last night on Letterman, he gave us a taste of the song he wrote for Mullally’s 50th birthday. Although he only played a minute of so of what sounded to be a fairly lengthy composition, we got lyrics about Cialis, leprechauns, how she “made me your bitch, and I made you my wife.” Watch Offerman strum his acoustic guitar below, and perhaps daydream that he’s singing to you.

[via Splitsider]