Watch Sean Penn and Kid Rock's Short Film About Political Stereotypes


Apparently Democrat Sean Penn and Republican Kid Rock are friends. Keep that in mind, because it explains why their 11-minute film “Americans” exists. The clip that they co-wrote and Rock produced finds the celebrities meeting in a folksy local bar to squabble over their divergent political views. But after lashing out at each other with taunts typical of the comments section of just about any major political blog, they’re caught off-guard by a report about marines killed in Afghanistan. As each realizes how deeply affected the other is by the news, they come to understand they’ve got something in common after all. From there, they ride off into the sunset to give each other’s values a shot, Kid Rock buying a Prius (and immediately outfitting it with some taxidermy and a gun rack) and Penn giving up his foofy Hollywood cocktail for a good, ol’ working man’s beer.

See, Americans? The differences between the political left and right aren’t that important, after all — especially if you’re a rich celebrity who’s going to be just fine no matter who wins the election! All snark aside, it’s a very sweet video, and its intentions are good. Unfortunately, it’s also kind of painful to watch. Check it out, if you have the patience and/or would like to see Kid Rock pretend that a pair of overalls with no shirt is an OK thing to wear in public, below.

[via Billboard]