David Fincher Launches a Kickstarter Campaign for His Zombie Movie


You would think that someone with David Fincher’s track record in Hollywood wouldn’t need to fund his own projects, that major studios would be stepping all over each other to work with him on any idea the famed director threw their way. But you’d be wrong. io9 reports that Fincher has turned to Kickstarter to get a long-gestating project, his PG-13 animated adaptation of Eric Powell’s comic The Goon, off the ground. If the $400K fundraising campaign is successful, he’ll have a storyboard version of the full film to shop around — complete with voice work by Clancy Brown (as the Goon) and Paul Giamatti (as Franky) — which will hopefully be enough to get someone on board to back the finished product. Click through to watch Fincher’s Kickstarter video and check out some concept art, then head here if you’d like to help The Goon get made.

“The Goon” Movie Proof of Concept Trailer from Goon Kickstarter on Vimeo.