Exploring the History of NYC Through Its Typography


You may have noticed that we’re pretty big fans of typography here at Flavorpill, and we’re also always interested in the history of the city that we call home, so our interest was most definitely piqued by a Kickstarter that launched this week for a website called NYC_Type. As per its website, the project aims to “tell the ongoing story of New York City through the perspective of the letterforms found throughout its streets.” It”s an interesting idea, and while we’re not entirely sure about some of the flowery language surrounding it — “We see NYC Type as a sort of collaborative Cubism being created in real time” — the concept sounds both fascinating and worthwhile. Just make sure you don’t confuse it with the already existing blog of the same name, which is similarly interesting (we foresee trouble here.) Anyway, the creators have put together a short film to promote their idea — click through to see it after the jump, and then check out the Kickstarter page right here.