The Best and Worst of Last Night's 'SNL' With Christina Applegate


As Christina Applegate pointed out in her opening monologue last night, the last time she hosted SNL was way back in 1993 during her tenure on Married…With Children. Though the idea is kind of mind-boggling, Applegate has undoubtably improved with age, and she did pretty okay — no really inspiring performances, but nothing to be embarrassed about either. And the lady did a pretty impressive Kristen Wiig, even if she wasn’t trying for it. All in all, a definite improvement from last week, though probably nothing we’ll be talking about for weeks (or days) to come. Click through to watch a few of the best and worst sketches of the night, and let us know what which ones you loved (or hated) in the comments.

The Best:

Vice Presidential Debate Cold Open

Though we thought this sketch ran a little long, Jason Sudeikis and Taran Killam had a lot of fun with Joe Biden and Paul Ryan respectively. Biden laughing his face off at everything and Ryan drinking from a hamster bottle? Yes. We’re glad SNL finally got something good out of this election season.

Give Us All Our Daughters Back

Yes, it’s your classic pre-produced ensemble impression-laden sketch, but in this case, it’s pretty hilarious — on point, well timed, and universal. After all, as they point out at the end, we all know we’d probably watch that movie. If only for the explosions.

Tech Talk

We have slightly mixed feelings about this one — the premise doesn’t quite track (why would the people that actually put the phones together be put to task for their programming deficiencies?), but the performances are hilarious and the concept, that people complaining about their iPhone 5s should shut up, because, champagne problems, hits home.

The Worst:

Gillette Masters of Style

We’re sort of disappointed in this sketch, because it — as a shot-by-shot recreation of the commercial — could have been hilarious. But then they threw in Jerry Sandusky, which makes zero sense past the shock value of including him. We love randomness as much as the next guy, but this just rang awkward and pointless to us.

The Californians

No, no, no. This sketch is back? Talking about which highway you take get to get home in a funny accent has never been funny, SNL writers. We know you think so, but it’s time to re-evaluate.


We wouldn’t have liked this sketch at all with Kristen Wiig starring in it, but Applegate’s impression of her makes us like it a little better. Still, what’s the joke? Funny noises and dance movements and a semi-crazy lady leading the way? Yawn.