'Revenge': This Week's Winners and Losers


Summer may be over in the real world, but in the Hamptons it’s still in full swing. Revenge has decamped to the far reaches of Long Island for yet another season of soapy high-society sabotage, as Emily Thorne (née Amanda Clarke) searches for the truth about her family and rains vengeance on those who betrayed them. This year, we’re keeping track of her quest — and the schemes of her friends, allies, and sworn enemies — by declaring winners and losers for each episode. Discover who came out on top in last night’s episode, which answered many questions about Emily and Aiden’s past, after the jump.


Emily: There were a lot of ups and downs for our antiheroine this week, including the return of Aiden, who she’d clearly rather not have around reminding her of Takeda and her own emotional limitations. But she did come out of the episode with much more information than she had going in. Not only did Aiden’s scheme help her chip away at the Graysons, but he traded her Victoria’s flight recorder for Gordon Murphy’s person effects. Her major win, though, was putting her mother’s photo in Murphy’s pocket watch together with the anti-psychotics he carried with him and the voicemail message to discover that her mom is still alive.

Victoria: Although she was thrown a few massive curve ball in the form of David Clarke’s journal and the passport (intercepted by Daniel), which she believes came from Murphy, Victoria managed to rally the Graysons around her and present a united front to the press. She even introduced Amanda as part of the family. Yup, even after a few months in hiding, Mama Grayson’s still got it.

Daniel: Meanwhile, the sweetest and most innocent Grayson spent the week sorting through his parents’ lies to get at the truth — including the revelation that Victoria faked her kidnapping. But now that he’s taking Emily’s advice to beat his mother at her own scheming game, rather than moping around and occasionally flipping out, Daniel may actually become a force in this power struggle.

Ashley: This woman is never happier than when she’s in crisis management mode.


Aiden: Yes, his manipulations and fact-finding missions were successful, but it seems clear that what he really wanted out of this reunion was a reconciliation with Emily. He didn’t get it.

Nolen: You really have to feel for poor Nolen at this point. He has to drop everything whenever Emily needs him, and this time all he got for his trouble was a tackling from Aiden and an unceremonious dismissal. No wonder he’s so pissed at her. He should have just let the phone ring and gone to dinner with Padma. (Side note: Did anyone notice that when Nolen introduces Emily to Padma, he stumbles over what to call her? “She’s my… my Emily,” he says. This should get the people who think they’re secretly siblings going.)

Padma: Oh, Padma. Don’t be jealous. Nolen isn’t in love with Emily. He’s just wrapped up with her in a web of revenge so tangled it would even make your intelligent, mathematical head spin. It would probably be in your best interest to keep your distance from this guy, but we can’t say we aren’t curious about where this is going.

Charlotte: Sure, she’s finally learning the truth about Victoria. But her emotions are just collateral damage in Emily’s revenge game, and all she got by interrupting her mother’s interview was a veiled command to support her family or be crushed.

Conrad: After talking a big game to Victoria — including some really cringe-worthy, rape-y stuff about their remarriage and her wifely duties — Conrad learned once again who really runs this family. Not only did her press conference go off without a hitch, and with him and their children by her side, but, as he pointed out, she revealed him to all the world as a cuckold. Conrad should really know better who he’s dealing with at this point.

Declan: Ugh, what a moron. Not only is he breaking into houses, under the influence of an old friend, but he’s getting caught and leaving his ID behind. While Declan’s lucky he got off the hook this time, we can’t imagine his misbehavior will end here.

Jack: On top of having Declan’s criminal mischief to deal with, Jack learns that Amanda is going behind his back with the Graysons. “I’m committed to our child,” he says. “I just don’t think I can commit to you.”

Amanda: This is, of course, even sadder news for Amanda than it is for Jack. As she reminds Emily, she’s never had a real family before, and as a result of Emily’s schemes, Jack caught her in a lie. Now it seems pretty clear that they’re over. But hey, at least she’s got the Graysons now…?