Adam Scott to Adapt Chuck Klosterman's 'Downtown Owl' With Wife


We’ll admit it: The first thing we did when we found out Amy Poehler and Will Arnett were breaking up was Google to see if Adam Scott was married, because wouldn’t it be adorable if Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt were a real-life couple? At the time, we were disappointed to learn that Scott is indeed hitched to a TV writer named Naomi. But now that we know what those two have in store for us, we feel deeply ashamed to have ever wished for anything different (not to mention kind of embarrassed to care so deeply about the personal lives of actors).

As revealed by The Hollywood Reporter, Adam and Naomi Scott have formed a production company called Gettin’ Rad Productions. Their first project was The Greatest Event in Television History, the 15-minute special that aired last week on Adult Swim and found Scott and Jon Hamm attempting to recreate the intro from Simon & Simon. More recreated TV credit sequences are forthcoming. And for their first film project, they’ve optioned Chuck Klosterman’s novel Downton Owl. “We just thought it’s a really great story about people that I relate to but also small enough that it would make a good first film out of the gate for us,” Scott told the magazine.