Watch Die Antwoord's Controversy-Courting, Lady Gaga-Spoofing New Music Video


So, according to Die Antwoord, Lady Gaga asked them to open for her on some of her tour dates earlier this year. The South African duo turned her down, and now they’ve taken the opportunity to poke fun at her in their new video for “Fatty Boom Boom.” The clip depicts Gaga as a vacuous Western ingenue on an ill-starred tour of Johannesburg, and plays with popular conceptions of Africa in general — there’s a shopkeeper with a pet lion, a dodgy backstreet gynecologist, and the inevitable carjacking. Meanwhile, the band cavort around in a succession of remarkable body paint jobs.

The production values and cinematography are pretty impressive, and the video looks spectacular — although we’re not quite sure what to make of the fact that Yolandi spends at least half of it in blackface, a move that’s presumably supposed to be satirical but has proven controversial for them in the past. Anyway, click through to watch “Fatty Boom Boom,” and let us know what you make of it — hilarious, juvenile, or bitterly ironic considering that both Die Antwoord and Gaga have at least one thing in common: their aesthetic is a lot more interesting than their music?