Watch the First Clip from the Upcoming 'Firefly' Reunion Special


If you’ve been getting your hopes up about a Firefly animated series, you’re probably going to be disappointed (yes, because the world is a cruel, cruel place — just go watch Angel). But fans of Joss Whedon’s cult space western do have something concrete to look forward to: an hour-long ten-year reunion special entitled Browncoats Unite, airing November 11th on the Science Channel. Yes, it’s been ten years. In this very short first clip, Nathan Fillion breaks down the reason Captain Mal loves his shipmates so much — it’s because they’re really aspects of himself. Enter semi-ironic stoner “whoa” sound here. Watch the clip after the jump, and start getting your reunion night cosplay outfits together. Or not, if that’s your thing.

[via The Mary Sue]