Will Wonders Never Cease: New 'Ghostbusters' Filming Next Summer


Let’s all admit that we never thought the new Ghostbusters movie would actually happen. We assumed Dan Aykroyd would just keep throwing little teasers into interviews about less interesting projects and Bill Murray would continue muttering about how uninterested he is in the whole thing until the film press just gave up and declared a moratorium on all Ghostbusters-related news. But lo and behold, we finally have some proof that the boys (minus Murray, of course) truly will be back.

In an item about Ivan Reitman and partner Tom Pollock’s upcoming football movie Draft Day, Deadline mentions that “Paramount chose not to make it in the small window that Reitman has before he is expected to finally get the long-gestating Ghostbusters reboot in front of the cameras next summer for Sony Pictures (sans Bill Murray).” Did you see that, fans? Not “maybe.” Not “if we can get everyone’s schedules in order.” Not “if Hi-C is on board to relaunch Ecto-Cooler.” Next summer! Are you excited, or are you finding it difficult to get worked up about a Ghostbusters without Murray? [via Vulture]