Read David Lynch's Exceedingly Lynchian Obama Endorsement


With only a few weeks to go before the presidential election, it’s time for the political news cycle to get a bit loopy. Oh, sure, there are debates and stump speeches and wonky Fox News and MSNBC pundits fixating on tiny details that have no bearing on anything. But now the very serious matter of choosing our next president has fully pervaded even the goofiest corners of pop culture, with the Tumblr Binders Full of Women going viral even before the end of Tuesday’s debate and the crowd outside that event carrying signs that say things like “PROTECT LIL B” (seriously, that happened, we saw it on TV).

In other words, things are getting surreal. And who is the master of the surreal? David Lynch, of course. So obviously, it’s time for him to enter this national conversation. The filmmaker/artistic polymath, who isn’t usually given to making political statements, has published a note on his website endorsing Barack Obama. Apparently, he’s very disturbed that when you rearrange the letters in Romney’s name, you get “R MONEY.” Read Lynch’s full, exceedingly Lynchian, message below.

Dear Americans, Republicans, and Democrats Alike,

I am going to vote for re-electing President Obama. I have noticed something in Mitt Romney’s name, which I think speaks to what he is about. If you just rearrange a few letters, Romney becomes R MONEY. I believe Mitt Romney wants to get his Mitts on R Money. He would like to get it and divide it up with his friends, the Big Money Bunch.

I believe he would like to get his Mitts on R Money, R Resources, R Freedoms, and R American Dream. I do not trust Mitt Romney to look after the best interests of 99% of Americans. I think electing Mitt Romney would be a catastrophe for our country — one which would be real difficult to straighten out later. Please do not let Mitt Romney get his Mitts on R Money or R United States of America.

— David Lynch Los Angeles, California