Watch Bruce Springsteen Perform a New Obama Campaign Song


A campaign song that starts with, “I kissed your sister, then I kissed your mama”? Just bear with outspoken Barack Obama supporter Bruce Springsteen for a minute, because while it doesn’t get any less silly, it does get more topical: “Let’s vote for the man who got Osama.” The Obama campaign is pulling out all the stops in the swing states, and yesterday that meant a rally in Parma, Ohio headlined by both Springsteen and Bill Clinton. As part of his solo acoustic set, the Boss debuted “Forward and Away We Go,” written in response to the campaign’s request for a song inspired by Obama’s 2012 slogan “Forward.” It’s a folksy bit of base-pleasing fluff, with a few rah-rah references to the president and VP’s latest debate victories, but we can’t imagine Springsteen meant it to be anything more. Watch his entire seven-song set at Consequence of Sound, or click through to skip straight to “Forward and Away We Go.”

[via Spin]