10 Classic Horror Stars’ Spooky Grave Sites


It’s rather fitting that Bela Lugosi, the legendary Hungarian horror villain, whose image is synonymous with Dracula (at least in our minds), was born just eleven days before Halloween. Today would have been the actor’s 130th birthday, but being a human, and not truly an undead night walker, of course, Lugosi is no longer with us. To honor the man and the month, we’ve put together a collection of classic horror stars’ grave sites, from well-maintained headstones to simple markers to unmarked drawers in private crematoriums. Click through to take a spooky tour of the final resting places of some of your favorite scream kings and queens, without any of the dangers that attend wandering graveyards in late October.

Bela Lugosi, Culver City, California. [Image via]

Claude Rains, Moultonborough, New Hampshire. [Image via]

Peter Lorre, Los Angeles, California. [Image via]

Boris Karloff, Surrey, England. [Image via]

Imogen Hassall, London, England. [Image via]

Fay Wray, Hollywood, California. [Image via]

Janet Leigh, Los Angeles, California. [Image via]

Lon Chaney, Glendale, California. [Image via]

Dwight Frye, Los Angeles, California. [Image via]

Supposedly, this is a picture of Tim Burton at the grave of his old friend Vincent Price. But we heard that Price’s ashes were sprinkled off Point Dume… strange things are afoot in Malibu. [Image via]