Inspiring Photos from Vintage IKEA Catalogs


Our favorite destination for Swedish pancakes and self-assembled furniture changed the American design scene forever when it set up shop in Philadelphia in 1985. Founded by an enterprising 17 year old by the name of Ingvar Kamprad some 40 years prior, the modern furniture mainstay evolved out of a childhood business selling matches from a bicycle. Kamprad realized that he could buy matches in bulk very cheaply, sell them individually at a low price, and still make a good profit. Et voilà, the idea for IKEA was born.

Today the allure of DIY design really within reach has made its famously frugal founder the seventh richest man in the world and its annual catalog peddling an affordably well-designed home the third most printed publication after Harry Potter and the Bible. Join us as we take a virtual trip down memory lane to flip through the exceptionally colorful and wonderfully retro IKEA catalogs of design eras past.

1958 IKEA catalog


1963 IKEA catalog

Image via SoLovely

1965 IKEA catalog

Images via Retronaut

1969 IKEA catalog

Image via SoLovely

1970 IKEA catalog

Images via Nordiska Style and SCRAPHACKER

1972 IKEA catalog

Image via SoLovely

1976 IKEA catalog

Images via Hung Up On Retro; Ann Karlstedt

1977 IKEA catalog

Image via Ann Karlstedt

1985 IKEA catalog

Image via IKEA-KATALOGER; Oh So Lovely Vintage