Watch Dan Harmon in a Short Documentary About a ‘Community’-Inspired Art Show


We didn’t get the season premiere of Community last Friday, as originally planned, and we imagine the show’s vocal fans are growing restless. So, here’s the next best thing: a half-hour documentary on Six Seasons and a Movie, PixelDrip Gallery’s recent exhibition of art inspired by the sitcom. The film features interviews with everyone from Community writers and cast members to participating artists to Suzanne Scott, a critical studies PhD and the author of Revenge of the Fanboy: Convergence Culture and the Politics of Incorporation. For anyone who’s interested in fan culture, Six Seasons and a Movie is fascinating. It also boasts one thing the upcoming season of Community doesn’t have: Dan Harmon. Watch the doc below, and visit Splitsider to see extended interviews with Harmon and writer Megan Ganz.