‘Friends’ Almost Ended Very Differently for Ross and Rachel


Friends fans, can you imagine a world where Ross and Rachel didn’t end up together? As inevitable as that final moment when she shows up at his doorstep seems, it almost didn’t happen. “At first we were like, ‘Well, that just seems so expected,'” producer David Crane recalls in a clip from the new Friends Blu-ray release. “Maybe not, maybe we do some kind of vague, now they’re not together, but there’s hope for the future. And then we were like, ‘Screw that. People have waited ten years.'” We’re all for complex resolutions, but Friends was never subtle, and with almost every season closing on a Ross-Rachel cliffhanger, we agree that viewers earned their happy ending. In fact, after investing a decade in the show, we imagine some critical mass of the 52.46 million people who watched the series finale would have spontaneously rioted. Visit Entertainment Weekly to watch the video and imagine what might have been. [via Videogum]