The Scariest Moments from the Red Band ‘Evil Dead’ Trailer


Whether or not you agree with the idea of rebooting Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead (the director himself is a producer on the project), the first official, non-leaked teaser trailer for the remake is here, and must be analyzed. Our take? While it bears only a passing resemblance to original, it looks a lot better than what we had been imagining. That said, a large part of what made this horror flick a cult classic was how fantastically low-budget (and as a result, inadvertently hilarious) it was. Well, that and Bruce Campbell. It got us thinking: Without the quick camera cuts and slick editing, would the red band trailer’s scariest stills pack the same punch? Probably, unless you’re a lot braver than we are. Warning: gory images ahead!

We’re not sure what these dangling dead animals are. Cats? Regardless, ew.

Look out! It’s the little girl from The Ring.

Blink and you’ll miss this creeper.

This really needs no explanation.

Double-jointed possessed person crawling around = always scary.

And this is before the electric carving knife enters the picture.

If you’ve seen the original, then you know why we find this tree terrifying.

A fitting image to leave you with: tongue slicing.