Nick Offerman Teaches You How to Grow a Moustache


“My moustache grows with such rampant, perpetual virility, that we need to trim it 3 or 4 times a day during filming,” Nick Offerman revealed during an AMA on Reddit earlier this year. “It was cool at first (grade school), but to be honest, it’s getting old.” At this point, we’d argue that Ron Swanson’s lustrous moustache is more than just character defining facial hair. It’s a bit of pop culture history. And so, we can think of no better unofficial spokesperson for Movember, an annual month-long charity event that’s all about growing moustaches to help raise money for men’s health initiatives. In the video below, Offerman explains how he cultivated his own soup-strainer, a tale that involves Scottish sheep herders, Tibetan monks, and whale oil. Oh, and eating raw onions, peel and all. Because, why not?

[via Vulture]