Arnold Schwarzenegger Set to Become Conan the Barbarian Again


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s been busy lining up film projects since his leave from politics, and the newest announcement is a bit of a surprise. The Governator will be reprising his role in the classic sword and sorcery adventure movie that made him a worldwide star, Conan the Barbarian. The Legend of Conan will have no link to the poorly received 2011 remake of John Milius’ 1982 movie, which starred Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa as the Cimmerian warrior (who will not be returning to the franchise), or 1984’s Conan the Destroyer. The sequel was delightfully cheesy and starred an over-the-top Grace Jones (with a tail!) and Wilt Chamberlain.

Producer Fredrik Malmberg told Deadline more about the premise for the reboot, which finds Conan nearing the end of his life. “He knows he’ll be going to Valhalla, and wants to go out with a good battle.” Co-producer Chris Morgan may be scripting the movie for Universal. He’s written the last several Fast and Furious films, as well as Wanted and 47 Ronin. The studio is aiming for a 2014 date, and they better hurry before Arnie gets too old and needs a hearing aid to hear the lamentations of his enemies’ women.