Day Takes On Night in This Mindblowing New York City Timelapse


Yes, timelapse videos of New York City are ubiquitous. But director Philip Stockton delivers something in his clever short film “New York: Night and Day” that we’ve never seen before — footage of the same locations shot at day and night seamlessly sharing the same frame. Using a combination of non-traditional video time-lapse and animation, Stockton combines the day and night scenes into single sequences using rotoscoping techniques. “It took a couple months in total,” he writes of the painstaking masking process. “Things like cars and planar shapes were easier as they could be motion tracked. But things like the birds were done frame by frame.” The resulting juxtaposition isn’t just surreal, it’s incredibly lovely; in fact, we wish this strange version of New York — half early riser, half night owl — really existed somewhere. It’s just so pretty! Click through and see what we mean.

New York: Night and Day from Philip Stockton on Vimeo.

[via The Creators Project]