Video of the Day: LA Urban Rangers Provoke Malibu Elite


Ambiguously official park rangers lecturing beachfront property owners about public land rights: only in California. The LA Urban Rangers organize tongue-in-cheek performance art on the pristine beaches of Malibu, often earning the ire of wealthy landowners as seen in this video.

According to the LA Times , The Urban Rangers make it their business to “inhabit a gray zone where reality meets fiction, art mingles with life and public interest clashes — sometimes dramatically — with private concerns.” Several demonstrations this month (stay tuned for upcoming outings on August 22 and 23) invite participants to examine the boundaries between public and private space. Once situated on public easements, they engage in beachy activities from yoga to building sandcastles in an effort to “exercise their right to be on the beach as demonstratively as possible.” We have to wonder, have they tried nude sunbathing?