10 MP3s You Need to Download for Free This Week: Angel Haze, Kendrick Lamar


It’s Friday, which means another installment of our regular roundup of downloadable MP3 goodness from around the web. The track you absolutely 100% have to download this week is the new Angel Haze song, which we wrote about earlier this week and which is one of the best (and most harrowing) songs you’ll hear all year. Elsewhere, there’s a track off one of our favorite discoveries of the month — Heathered Pearls’ album Loyal — new stuff from Deerhoof and La Big Vic, an unreleased demo from Daniel Rossen, and… drum roll… the MORODERFEST! Since all this action costs precisely nothing, what are you waiting for? All the download links await after the jump.

Angel Haze — “Cleaning Out My Closet” Our own Judy Berman wrote a fine piece about this song earlier this week — we don’t really have a great deal to add, beyond saying that this is surely the most powerful, moving, and important song of 2012. Download it via Stereogum.

Kendrick Lamar — “The Heart Pt. 3” You may have noticed that everyone’s been going bananas about the Kendrick Lamar album that dropped this week. If you’re not on the bandwagon yet, then you might want to download this track and see what you think. Lamar’s certainly not shy — the very first line of this track claims that the whole world sees him as the reincarnation of Tupac Shakur, and this track has a suitably unhurried West Coast vibe. Get it here.

Heathered Pearls — “Beach Shelter” We’ve been lucky enough to get an advance copy of Loyal, the album from which this track is taken, and it’s been our sitting-down-and-writing music of choice ever since. Jakub Alexander — who works under the name Heathered Pearls — has crafted one of the best ambient releases of the year, an immersive record that’s as beautiful as it is atmospheric. This is the lead track, and you can download it from Pitchfork.

Deerhoof — “Sexy, But Sparkly” We’re not sure that one precludes the other, to be honest. But anyway, this new track from Deerhoof — released as part of a split 7″ with Haif Waif as part of the Less Artists More Condos singles series — is one of the better things we’ve heard from the band in quite some time. Get it here.

Day Ravies — “Double Act” Someone get this band on a bill with Com Truise ASAP! And in the meantime, download this track — a languidly pretty piece of classic indie pop that, in fairness, sounds nothing like Com Truise — right here.

La Big Vic — “Ave B” We heart La Big Vic, which is why we’re including this track for posterity even though the download link at Stereogum appears to be broken. Fingers crossed they get it fixed soon — it’s supposed to be here. Meanwhile, you can stream the song at Soundcloud.

Daniel Rossen — “Untitled” (demo) A previously unreleased demo from one of the most instantly recognizable voices in music today — even with a single acoustic guitar and and a (relatively) uncomplicated arrangement, there’s no mistaking Daniel Rossen’s sound. Apparently this is the first of a bunch of demos he’s going to be releasing. You can get it here.

The Avett Brothers — “Geraldine” In which the Avetts sketch a two-minute vignette about the travails of being gay in a small town. As with all KCRW downloads, it’s only up for a day, so get onto it ASAP. You can get the song right here.

Rubblebucket — “(Focus) Oversaturated” (Geographer remix) A pleasantly laid-back remix of the title track from eight-piece Brooklyn ensemble Rubblebucket, courtesy of synth-y San Fran trio Geographer. Just the thing for a lazy Friday afternoon! It’s available via Rubblebucket’s Soundcloud.

The Moroderfest And finally, if you’ve missed the news earlier this week, Giorgio Moroder has taken to Soundcloud and is suddenly dispensing music at an alarming rate. The Italian disco legend has opened three accounts, which you can find here, here and here. All of them are packed with unreleased songs, rarities, and the occasional decidedly weird track (how about a cover of “Yummy Yummy Yummy” from 1968, for example?). Most of the tracks have reached their download limit, but, um, if you Google, you might find ways around such restrictions.

Bonus link:

Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue — “Where the Wild Roses Grow” (alternative version) It’s not downloadable, sadly, but do yourself a favor and listen to the stripped-back alternative version of Nick and Kylie’s seminal murder ballad that surfaced on the Internet this morning. You can hear it right here.