Extremely Silly Photos of Extremely Serious Historical Figures


We’ve already shown you several silly photos of serious writers and silly photos of serious artists, but what about the less creative figures among us? After all, scientists, tsars, world leaders and intellectual innovators like to blow off steam too. As such, we’ve scoured the Internet to bring you a few photos of historical figures making faces, goofing off with friends, and posing for photos of themselves with their miniature clones (er, just one of those). Check out our mini-capsule of our favorite photos of historical figures getting silly after the jump, and if you have a tip on one we’ve missed, add it to our collection in the comments!

Tsar Nicholas II and another royal friend playing airplane, c. 1890. [Image via]

Albert Einstein holding a puppet Albert Einstein. Photo by Harry Burnett, c. 1931. [Image via]

Joseph Stalin making a face at his bodyguard. Photo by Lt. Gen. Nikolai Vlasik, c. 1930. [Image via]

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor jumping in their sock feet. Photo by Philippe Halsman, 1959. [Image via]

Richard Nixon taking his own leap. Photo by Philippe Halsman, 1959. [Image via]

Franklin D. Roosevelt pulling his cousin’s hair, 1910. [Image via]

Steve Jobs giving IBM the finger in 1983. Photo by Jean Pigozzi. [Image via]

Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr. T’s lap (and kissing his head!). [Image via]

And Ronald Reagan himself, all ears.

And just because he’s the silliest serious fellow we know, Albert Einstein again, this time rocking some plush fuzzy slippers, c. 1950. [Image via]