Flavorwire’s 2012 Halloween Mixtape


Face it: music for your Halloween party can be tough. It’s really cheap and easy to go, say, strictly ’80s, or strictly metal, or strictly horror film soundtracks, but that’s not how we do things around here. As such, your author has created a Halloween party mix of some dark, moody and thematically appropriate new tunes for your Samhain enjoyment, because, really, how many times can you listen to “The Monster Mash”? Feel free to use this as a soundtrack to your Halloween seance/rave/get-together, or just to creep out the neighbors.

Track List:

Tamaryn — “I’m Gone” ∆AIMON — “Black Cross” oOoOO — “Coachbagg” Angel Haze — “Wicked Moon” Cut Hands — “Rain Washes Over Chaff” Crim3s — “Lost” Featureless Ghost — “Flash” Grimes — “Oblivion” (DJ Russ’s Car Crash remix)