Adorable Photos of People Dressed Up as Books


Here at Flavorpill, we like to get into the holiday spirit. For this Halloween, we’ve peeked at everything from kids’ costumes that they’re way too young to understand to famous works of art as Halloween costumes to whole buildings trying on new identities. But what if you’re a book nerd, and you’ve exhausted all of your favorite characters already? Or maybe your favorite character doesn’t have any conveniently distinguishing physical features? Well then, why not go as your favorite book, instead? For a little inspiration, click through to check out ten charming book costumes, and let us know which cardboard tome you’d most like to strap onto your torso in the comments.

The most scandalous Halloween costume we’ve seen this year. [Image via]

For a very highbrow Halloween. [Image via]

A very cheerful Bible. [Image via]

What if she gets hungry? [Image via]

No, this looks nothing like the actual cover, but we get the idea. [Image via]

This costume is actually a functional book, and opens up to real fairy tales printed inside! [Image via]

The cutest Cat in the Hat we’ve ever seen. [Image via]

All of these kids are adorable, but we know which one we want to be best friends with. [Image via]

Because dogs are (kinky) people too. [Image via]

We believe in book fairies! We believe in book fairies! [Image via]