‘Revenge’: This Week’s Winners and Losers


Summer may be over in the real world, but in the Hamptons it’s still in full swing. Revenge has decamped to the far reaches of Long Island for yet another season of soapy high-society sabotage, as Emily Thorne (née Amanda Clarke) searches for the truth about her family and rains vengeance on those who betrayed them. This year, we’re keeping track of her quest — and the schemes of her friends, allies, and sworn enemies — by declaring winners and losers for each episode. Discover who came out on top in last night’s episode, which welcomed a tiny new character to the Hamptons, after the jump.


Emily: Not that she made much headway on the revenge front this week, but we’re always happy to see her show some human kindness (as opposed to pure, demented vengeance). Not only did she apologize to Nolan for being MIA when he was dealing with his father’s death, but she confessed to Amanda that she lied when she said Jack wasn’t the father of her new baby, Carl. Most of all, she saw Kara reconcile with Amanda, and accessed her own memories of her mother willingly separating herself from the family for the good of her daughter.

Aiden: Fresh off Emily’s latest rejection (“I need someone. You walked through that door. Don’t let it go to your head.”) and poking around in Grayson Global’s business as Takeda’s emissary, Aiden begins to make some threats. Now he’s gone rogue, and with all the undercover work we’ve seen him accomplish, he certainly poses a threat to Emily.

Kara: Sure, she looks a hell of a lot more sympathetic this week. Her crazy urge to kill her daughter was apparently just that — crazy, not evil. Now she’s snuggled up to Victoria and won back Amanda’s (and, by proxy, Emily’s) love. But this is Revenge, and it’s hard to believe that her agenda ends there. Still, despite the fact that we still don’t know what exactly Kara wants, we can bet she made a lot of progress this week.

Daniel: Still on a quest to ruin his family from within, Daniel gets an interesting exclusive scoop this week about Grayson Global’s controlling interest in Nolcorp. So, things are looking up for him at the moment. But whether this knowledge — or his newfound professional relationship with Aiden — will end up working out for him is anyone’s guess.

Padma: For now, Padma has both Nolan and her top-secret quest to uncover David Clarke’s involvement in Nolcorp. Now that Emily has warned Nolan about her, both of those houses of cards are likely to come tumbling down in the first few minutes of next week’s episode — but it hasn’t happened yet.

Amanda: She’s out of her coma — in fact, she has recovered and been released from the hospital remarkably quickly — and her baby’s just fine, too! Plus, now she’s got a secondhand mother figure (whose agenda isn’t entirely clear, but still).

Jack: Money is still a headache, but Amanda’s accident put everything into perspective for Jack. Now that she and Carl are out of the hospital, it seems like a reconciliation is in the works. The bar, meanwhile, is on its way to reopening — but only with the help of a con artist who’s already jockeying for part ownership.


Victoria: For now, she’s keeping Kara close, which is probably a good plan. But she can’t know what David Clarke’s widow (not to mention Gordon Murphy’s) really knows, or has in store for her. She’s already on the wrong path with her hypothesis that David’s journals came from Kara. And if the latest development weren’t enough, now she’s got Mason Treadwell sniffing around.

Nolan: He kicks off the episode still shaken about his father’s death and annoyed that Emily’s kept him out of the revenge loop. And now he knows his new love, Padma, is investigating Nolcorp’s involvement with David Clarke and Grayson Global — and lying to him about it. He may have hung up on Emily when she warned him, but we can’t imagine he doesn’t believe her.

Conrad: Yes, the super-creep gets to remarry Victoria, so the two of them will never have to testify against each other in court. But we see trouble brewing for him, as Daniel’s involvement with Aiden and the Nolcorp situation keeps him out of his own company’s loop.

Declan: Week after week, he digs himself deeper. This time, he took a con man one step closer to owning the family bar.