Tami Taylor Is Not OK With Romney Ripping Off ‘Friday Night Lights,’ Y’all


She may look sweet as all-American apple pie, but Friday Night Lights fans know you don’t mess with Tami Taylor. So, although Mitt Romney has been ignoring FNL creator Peter Berg’s request that he stop using the show’s “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose” slogan in his presidential campaign, we sure hope he knows better than to defy Mrs. Coach. Connie Britton took some time off from starring in Nashville to pen a USA Today op-ed with the show’s executive producer, Sarah Aubrey, reiterating Berg’s objections. “‘Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose; wasn’t just about winning games,” they write. “Rather, it was a rallying cry of hope and optimism in a community where everyone had a fair shot — no matter their background, no matter their parents, no matter their gender. And no matter their politics.”

Britton and Aubrey also pointed out that Barack Obama, not Romney, best represents the women of Dillion, TX. In addition to the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and Obamacare, they emphasize the president’s positions on reproductive rights. “Planned Parenthood was well represented on the show, too — Brian ‘Smash’ Williams’ mom worked there, Tami got a pregnancy test there, and, after being abandoned by her parents, Becky Sproles was able to get a safe and legal abortion there,” they write. Read the entire op-ed at USA Today.