How 40 Famous People Are Weathering the Frankenstorm


Celebrities: They’re just like us! OK, so that tabloid take-home rarely turns out to be true. But terrifying weather disasters are the great equalizer. Thanks to Sandy the Frankenstorm, famous people like Alec Baldwin, Spike Lee, and Lena Dunham are as stuck in their beautiful homes as we are in our tiny, cramped ones. And because they’ve got nothing better to do, they’re livetweeting Sandy right along with us. After the jump, we check in on how some of our favorite famous people are weathering the Snowicane.

Jerry Seinfeld is critiquing Mayor Bloomberg’s outfit:

RuPaul is stocking up on snacks:

Lena Dunham is checking in on her parents:

Darren Aronofsky has a date with Netflix:

In Michael Ian Black‘s home, they’re snacking on pets:

John Legend, meanwhile, is relying on his pet for protection:

Melissa Joan Hart is relying on her child for updates:

Don’t feel bad, guys: Rosie Perez is pigging out, too:

Perez might want to sneak out during a quiet moment and visit Joy Behar‘s house:

Alec Baldwin won’t be joining the hurricane binge, either:

Michelle Trachtenberg is getting kind of judge-y:

Andrew WK is keeping his priorities straight:

Salman Rushdie is bracing himself for the worst:

Roseanne is fighting Sandy with the power of her brain:

No, Jimmy Kimmel will not be coming at you live from Brooklyn tonight:

But Jimmy Fallon hasn’t wussed out yet:

Will Questlove make it to the taping, or will he be besieged by lady lushes?:

Is Debra Messing pals with Questlove?

Perhaps Questlove should direct his lady friends to Okkervil River for wine pairing suggestions:

Eugene Mirman is offering advice to young go-getters:

Spike Lee is preaching:

So is Stephen Baldwin, but his preaching is the crazy kind:

Alison Pill is keeping it highbrow:

Whoopi Goldberg is shaking her damn head at surfers:

Judah Friedlander has involuntarily relocated:

Thanks to shrewd advance planning, Bette Midler won’t have to worry about flushing the toilet:

Don’t worry, Staten Island: Kyra Sedgwick hasn’t forgotten about you:

Anderson Cooper is taking one for the team:

Also risking long-distance travel, Rachel Maddow commuted:

Mike Birbiglia, however, will not be traveling:

Michael Moore wants to run some errands for you:

Nina Garcia is scrutinizing your storm photos:

Zach Braff is probably joking:

Just like you, Aimee Mann is flipping the eff out:

So is Julie Klausner:

Someone should probably check on Pusha T, because it seems like he might drown:

Roseanne Cash is having on-brand flashbacks:

Things are getting Kubrickian over at Jim Gaffigan‘s:

Rodents are finding themselves inexplicably drawn to Snooki:

And finally, caberet sensation Justin Vivan Bond is accessorizing: