This is Britain’s Ideal Pet. What’s Ours?


The Telegraph announced today that the ideal British Pet is, in fact, “49 per cent dog, 35 per cent cat, 9 per cent horse and 7 per cent rabbit.” The traits for this ferocious little beast are based off a 2,000 person survey. The animal is named “Max.” He is energetic, loves walking, and sleeps nearly nine and a half hours per day. The wonders of scientific surveys never cease to impress us.

Flavorpill saw the need to conduct a scientific survey of our own to create the ideal animal of the United States. View our computer-generated depiction after the jump.

49% LOL Cat, 35% Brian (Family Guy), 9% Goldfish, and 7% Lady Gaga. Who would have guessed? Our survey polled a diverse number of people (within in the office), and came to the conclusion that the animal’s name is “ILUVRobERtPatisonFTW!11!!” This beautiful mammal enjoys being on the internet nine and a half hours per day, self-deprecating humor, and the occasional disco stick. Meee-yow.

Which animal – the UK’s or the U.S.’s – would win in a fight?