Michael Moore Brings Us a Very Special Election Message from the Greatest Generation


With the Obama campaign devoting so much attention to the youth vote, it’s easy to write off our grandparents’ generation as hopelessly conservative Romney supporters. But they aren’t all that way (especially the ones who don’t want their Medicare messed with), as a new video produced and co-written by Michael Moore reminds us. “A Message from the Greatest Generation” takes us to a nursing home, where 97-year-old Marie tells us what she really thinks about the GOP’s attempts at voter suppression. Other seniors are equally spirited in their defense of democracy, and they’re not afraid to get feisty about it; the term “cock-punch” may or may not come up. Watch the video below, and if the elderly people in your life have open minds and good senses of humor, feel free to show it to them, too.

[via Dangerous Minds]