‘Friday Night Lights’ Creator Peter Berg Developing Greek Gods Drama for Fox


If you had to guess what Friday Night Lights creator Peter Berg’s next TV project would be, would you ever in a million years stumble upon the description, “Bourne by way of 300“? Probably not, but remember that Berg is also the guy who directed Battleship and you’ll realize that (even if we’d prefer he only make smart, sensitive, lamentably under-watched highbrow television) he’s no stranger to flashy action pageantry. That explains Olympus, the action drama he’s sold to Fox. Deadline describes the series as the story of “a decorated soldier-turned-spy who finds out he actually is descended from the Greek Gods and may just be humanity’s last hope.” Berg will write and direct for the show, which he is co-creating with actor-writer Taylor Sheridan, best known to Sons of Anarchy fans as Deputy Hale.