Watch Darth Vader Invade Disneyland


The announcement that Disney has bought LucasFilm and is making a seventh episode of Star Wars has the franchise’s famously opinionated fans in a tizzy of a cosmic proportions. As our own Jason Bailey notes, the geeks’ collective meltdown is probably premature. But whether you’re optimistic or pessimistic about Disney’s Star Wars takeover — or if, like this writer, you don’t really have a horse in this space race — we’re fairly confident you’ll find this new video of Darth Vader having a ball at Disneyland irresistible. Created by Disney Parks, the clip shows the Dark Lord whirling around on the teacups, waving to his Storm Troopers from the Dumbo ride, and drawing his light sabre at the Haunted Mansion. Just one question, though: When the Sword in the Stone rises for Darth Vader, does that mean Disney has crossed over to the dark side?

[via ArtsBeat]