Daily Dose Pick: James Gilbert


James Gilbert creates intimate apparel from industrial plastic in a coy indictment of the sacrifice of privacy on the altar of interconnectivity.

Gilbert considers whether anonymity and privacy remain possible in an increasingly integrated — some might say invasive — society. Combining the uncomfortable transparency of plastic sheeting with detailed craftsmanship, no two pieces in the Privacy of Underpants or more recent Tweeted, Googled, and Inappropriately Touched series are alike.

The raunchy humor, runway-worthy details, and Gilbert’s penchant for exhibiting them in large groups (the Kinsey Institute recently purchased a pile of 100) illustrate how individuality is both forged and threatened when people air their dirty laundry in public.

Go through Gilbert’s online closet, catch him at upcoming shows and lectures, and if you’re in Dallas, drop by Light & Sie Gallery for a fitting.

Underpants (detail)

Delicate Standard

Tighty Whitey

Lace Up

A Pile of Underpants (100 unique objects)

The Privacy of Underpants #477

The Privacy of Underpants #495

Buying a Pair of See-Through Underpants (ink on paper)