Is Louis CK Going to Bomb on ‘Saturday Night Live’?


Sure, he brought the awkward humor to his Saturday Night Live promos. But what’s going to happen when arguably the best standup comedian in the world — not to mention the most unique voice in TV sitcoms — goes live from New York? On last night’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, he assured us that he lives “above the line of misery” in Hurricane Sandy-wrecked Manhattan, although his ruined boat is apparently in a sad pile at some marina. When the topic turned to SNL, CK confessed that he’s worried about how he’ll do as host. Describing his first table read, he recalled to Fallon, “There’s a thing this thick of paper to read, and I’m in all of it, you know? And it’s not what I do for a living at all.” The comedian is pretty sure he blew 100% of his lines and has even been having visions of Lorne Michaels telling his staff, “There’s a hurricane, no one would blame us if we canceled.” Is this just typical Louis CK self-deprecation, or are we in store for some big-time disappointment Saturday night? Watch him talk about SNL below, and see the full Late Night interview at Laughspin.