Ladyhawke Keeps the ’80s Revival Worthwhile


Named after an ’80s fantasy flick starring Matthew Broderick and Michelle Pfeiffer, New Zealand’s Ladyhawke is carrying the torch for the decade of her birth in a big way. The artist, known to her family as Pip Brown, released her self-titled debut album in the U.S. this week. A mix of retro-synth pop, dance-floor cool, and timeless tunes, the record has already charted everywhere from her native continent to her adopted home of England, where she is currently on her first headlining tour. While Brown is drawing comparisons to everyone from Pat Benatar to Peaches, she’s also drawing a host of celebrity fans, including Kylie Minogue and Courtney Love.

The album was preceded in the states by an EP, spotlighting Ladyhawke’s first U.S. single, “Paris Is Burning.” It was an excellent taster for the artist’s brand of moody robo-pop, delivered courtesy of taste-making Aussie label Modular. Along with the music, it unveiled a visual aesthetic owed in large part to Sarah Larnach, the artist behind the colorful work on Ladyhawke’s record sleeves and website. Larnach also collaborated on the animation-driven video for Brown’s newest single, “My Delirium,” which finds the artist traveling a watercolor world inspired by isolation.

As a package, Ladyhawke seemingly has all her bases covered. In fact, as the cat and video-game loving Brown reveals, it’s no accident that her superhero-esque alter ego seems so well crafted. “Me and Ladyhawke are two sides of one coin,” she explains. “She is an incredibly important part of my personality.”

Catch Ladyhawke on tour now, listen to music from her debut album, and watch the video for “My Delirium.”