‘Revenge’: Last Night’s Winners and Losers


Summer may be over in the real world, but in the Hamptons it’s still in full swing. Revenge has decamped to the far reaches of Long Island for yet another season of soapy high-society sabotage, as Emily Thorne (née Amanda Clarke) searches for the truth about her family and rains vengeance on those who betrayed them. This year, we’re keeping track of her quest — and the schemes of her friends, allies, and sworn enemies — by declaring winners and losers for each episode. Discover who came out on top in last night’s episode, which featured one of the most twisted and disastrous weddings we’ve ever seen, after the jump.


Daniel: With his father arrested on murder charges, he’s next in line to lead Grayson Global. But will waiting until Monday to convene the board for a “no confidence” vote mean that Conrad will come waltzing back into the boardroom with an irresistible explanation for his imprisonment and grab the reins back from his son?

Amanda: First, she fools Mason with Emily’s faux documents about her scar removal and sets him on the path to discover Gordon Murphy’s body. Then, not only does she reconnect with Jack, but they’re getting married!

Jack: “I’m gonna prove that you can have it all,” he tells Amanda. And despite the ominous undertone of that line and the influence of his sketchy new business partner, he has a pretty great week, reopening the bar and orchestrating a gorgeous dockside proposal.

Nolan: If there’s one thing Nolan isn’t, it’s stupid. He’s been defying Emily by dealing with the Padma situation his own way, but after the wedding he finally questions her on why she’s been investigating Nolcorp’s connection to Grayson Global. He seems to accept her explanation, and yet that line about how far she’ll go to correct the mistake is chilling.

Charlotte: It doesn’t make much sense that her parents don’t give her more trouble about missing the wedding, but she has a decent week regardless. Charlotte shows up to help Declan reopen the bar, and he returns the favor by coming to see her after Conrad is arrested.

Declan: As much as it hurts us to admit it, Declan also had a nice week, which ended in that kiss at Charlotte’s. Kenny Ryan is still manipulating him, but it could take a while before he and Jack will feel the full effects of that long con.

Aiden: He’s still making inroads into Grayson Global, thanks to Daniel. And although Emily shuts him down with “I think you should leave” just when it seems like they might get together again, we can tell he’s wearing her down.


Emily: Did you catch the promo for next week’s episode, where we learn that she’s about to make a major mistake? Well, even before that, things took a crappy turn for Emily. She succeeded in a stupidly simple plot to frame Conrad for Gordon Murphy’s murder — but was released with some help from the Initiative. And now Victoria has told Mason that Emily’s just a cleaned-up juvie girl, leading him to connect her to Amanda. Is her unmasking imminent?

Victoria: She almost got to look gorgeous on her wedding day and watch her loathsome husband rot in jail. But he’s back, and he knows she was complicit in his arrest. Then there’s the fact that Mason has figured out that her kidnapping was a hoax. Plus, now we know for sure that Kara means nothing but harm to the Graysons. That gray Vera Wang was a great dress, but it can’t outweigh everything that’s pressing down on Victoria now.

Conrad: Oh, sure, he wins for now — he’s out of jail. But now he’s in even deeper with the Initiative and has no idea when they’ll come calling for some horrible favor. He also appears to actually still be in love with Victoria, in his own sadistic way, so the betrayal has to hurt.

Kara: Last week she reconnected with her daughter (well, the woman she thinks is her daughter) and met her baby grandson. This week, she found out her husband had been murdered and thinks Conrad is responsible. If there was ever any doubt, now we know she’s definitely out to get the Graysons.

Padma: Just as she seems to be backing down on her Grayson Global inquiry, Nolan starts making accusations. It looks like she’ll have to jump through some fiery hoops to win back his trust.

Ashley: Not that it was a terrible week for her, but Aiden senses something isn’t right about Ashley, and we can’t imagine him giving up until he finds out what it is.

Photo credits: ABC/Eric McCandless