12 Well-Designed Bicycles for Urban Dwellers


Last week The New York Times declared, “in post-storm New York, the bike is having a moment of sorts.” The bicycle stories read like a real-life Fred Armisen/ Carrie Brownstein sketch about the hipster’s best-kept secret being proffered to mere mortals — tragically in-the-dark — discovering the unmatched joy (and practicality) of biking for the first time.

If, like many New Yorkers, you’re now seriously considering becoming a bike commuter, here’s a snapshot of today’s bicycle offerings that are a far cry from the unhelpful and uncool Schwinn’s of days gone by. From cargo bikes that get you (and a few friends) to and from the farmer’s market in style to a slick commuter bike with a built-in iPad pouch, click through the check out some of the best cycling options for living locally.

Local by Yves Behar of fuse project

Images via dezeen

The ultimate bicycle for local living, the built-in platform is perfect for transporting shopping, sports equipment, children, or anything else you might want to move around the neighborhood. Locks and lights are integrated in the frame, plus detachable extra pockets and straps.

Cargo Bike by Bakfiets

Image via Adeline Adeline

A Dutch-style frame with a beautiful wooden box that’s sturdy enough to hold up to four passengers and lots of cargo. Pick up groceries, your kids, your friends, a vintage jukebox at the flea, you name it.

Cargo Cruiser by Johnny Loco

Image credit: Johnny Loco

The Dutch sure do have the whole cargo bike thing figured out. As the Amsterdam-based bike shop states, “the Cargo Cruiser easily cruises along with a full load over bridges, through parks, and past the cars on the street. The rear-end of the frame tilts as you turn.”

Wren by Original Bicycle

Images via Adeline Adeline

A self-proclaimed “exciting combination of vintage style and contemporary design,” this English two-wheeler is built for the discerning city cyclist. Thanks to a compact frame, it’s much easier to maneuver than a traditional town bike without sacrificing the old-fashioned vintage charm that makes them so darn cute.

The Farmers Market™ by Sweetpea Bicycles

Image credit: Sweetpea Bicycles

Part time touring biking, part time road bike, this pickup truck in bike form, as designer Natalie Ramsland explains is “meant for gettin’ shit done, lugging around veggies, and havin’ a few beers with the girls on the weekends.” Sounds divine.

Kate Spade New York Bicycle by Abici

Images via Adeline Adeline

The crème de la crème of bicycles for New Yorkers by New Yorkers, Kate Spade’s signature green ride comes complete with a classic English seat, incredibly chic chainguard, and a back-pedal coaster brake so you can sip your latte while riding around town.

Cross Awesome by Sweetpea Bicycles

Image credit: Sweetpea Bicycles

This is a bike for all seasons. Who says you can’t ride a city bike in the snow?

Market C8 by PUBLIC Bikes

Image credit: Public Bikes

Named after Market Street in San Francisco, this utilitarian city bike takes you to work during the week and to the farmer’s market on the weekend. Two hand-woven baskets are a great carry-all, and the easy shifting 8-speed internal hub will glide you up and down any hill, big or small.

9th Avenue by PUBLIC Bikes

Image credit: PUBLIC Bikes

Because we can’t get enough of nostalgic retro designs with adorable wicker baskets, this spunky red and white number is the cherry on our commuter cake.

Transport 8 Speed by WorkCycles

Image via Adeline Adeline

Carry your groceries, gear and — most importantly — stay clean and dry in street clothes.

Campeur by VeloORANGE

Image credit: VeloORANGE

A touring frame for paved, or unpaved (ie. camping trips) roads. It can carry a substantial load for those occasions when you leave the city in search of greener pastures and schlep blankets, picnic baskets, flasks, garden games, books, sleds, and all other manner of obligatory get-out-of-town gear.

DL121 by Peugeot Design Laboratories

Images via HIGHSNOB

Hands down the slickest bike we’ve ever seen. We’re not sure that we could roll up on this bad boy with confidence, but the integrated luggage area perfectly sized for an iPad makes it worth considering.