Download Alan Moore’s First Single, “The Decline of English Murder”


When you read Alan Moore’s name, a lot of things probably come to mind, but “recording artist” is probably not one of them. Today — which, as our UK readers and V for Vendetta fans know, just so happens to be Guy Fawkes Day — that changes forever. The reclusive comic book god/Rasputin impersonator has recorded “The Decline of English Murder,” a protest song to benefit the British arm of the Occupy movement. The release is well-timed, given that over 5,000 people are currently marching on the Houses of Parliament as part of the Anonymous-orchestrated Operation Vendetta. Click through to listen to Moore sing-speak his lyrics about the greed of the banks and incompetence of the state, set to music by Joe Brown, and then download the track here, if you’re so inclined!