M.I.A. Collaborating With Versace


Is Versace the truffle fries of fashion houses? We ask, of course, because it’s time to get used to seeing that brand’s name next to M.I.A.’s. Reporting for Spin on the rapper’s lecture yesterday at MoMA P.S. 1 in Queens, Julianne Escobedo Shepherd reveals that the she confirmed her collaboration with Versace. In fact, M.I.A.’s computer desktop — which was projected as part of her presentation — featured such files as “Versace Prints,” “Bootleg Versace,” and “Versace Outlines.” That’s all we know for now, and while we’re sure haters are already greeting the news with cries of “sellout” and “hypocrite,” we’re curious to see what will happen when a brand and a musician known for their love of loud fabrics come together. While you’re waiting for that project to be unveiled, visit Spin for info on M.I.A.’s new self-titled art book and photos of her adorable child.