Get It While You Can: The Weirdest Mitt Romney Merch on Etsy


It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Flavorpill HQ isn’t exactly a 24/7 Mitt Romney convention. In fact, it’s safe to say that, while we tend to keep our editorial focus on culture, most of us are hoping the former Massachusetts governor will be out of the news by the end of the week. But before he is, we couldn’t resist scouring Etsy for the weirdest DIY Romney-related merchandise available for purchase — and, as always, the site delivered. From Democratic parodies to tributes lovingly crafted by his fans to things we had trouble pegging as one or the other, here’s what we found. If anything strikes your fancy (or tickles your funny bone), be sure to buy it now, because it might not be around tomorrow.

“Mitt Romney in Carbonite” iPhone case, $15.99 from iCaseSeraSera

Yes, we get the Star Wars joke. But still, shouldn’t this probably be in gold?

“Mitt Romney Star Wars Stormtrooper Framed 9 X 11 Print Limited Edition”, $19 from New Globe

And speaking of Star Wars

“cool Mitt Romney for President 2012 AWESOME retro white tshirt,” $9.99 from Elefunny

Romney and the Fonz: separated at birth?

Mitt Romney ceramic party cup, $20 from littlechairprinting

That had better not be beer in that cup… or caffeinated soda!

“RMoney” bag soap set, $5 from bubblegenius

Is this a subtle David Lynch shout out? Even if not, an appropriate tribute to a candidate who’s squeaky clean… except when it comes to his finances.

Chris Crocker/Mitt Romney cross-stitch pattern, $5 from Pete Seazle

Now here’s an election-cycle mashup we couldn’t have predicted.

“Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Republican Ticket Felt Finger Puppet Set,” $20 from mullishmuse

Fun fact: Romney and Ryan like each other so much they’ve been sewn together.

“Mitt Is Legit” tie-dye T-shirt, $10 from Brazil Street Blues

Courting the elusive “Republican stoner” demographic…

Mitt Romney portrait, $125 from Art by Hallwalls

In case you’ve stopped having nightmares of that clown painting from your childhood bedroom.

Oven Mitt Romney, $5 from It’s All in Good Pun

“Oven mitt is your ticket to the biggest slice of american pie you can fit in your face hole.” A joke that is no less funny for being obvious.